About Us

We are a Hajj Package 2023, Umrah 2023 & travel comparison site. We bring you Google reviews for agents and hotels, so you can check their ranking. We verify agents with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umra, and list their accreditations ATOLABTA and IATA packed with detailed information about packages so that you can be at peace knowing who you are booking your travel with.

HalalTrek is a website that provides information and resources for Muslim travellers looking for halal-friendly destinations, accommodations, and activities. The website was created to cater to the growing demand for Muslim-friendly travel options around the world.

On HalalTrek, travellers can search for halal-certified hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions in various destinations around the world. The website also offers travel guides, destination reviews, and practical tips for Muslim travellers, such as prayer timings and halal food options.

HalalTrek aims to promote cultural awareness and facilitate travel experiences for Muslim travellers while respecting their faith and values. The website is a valuable resource for Muslim travellers who want to explore new destinations without compromising their religious beliefs and practices.

In addition to providing information for travellers, HalalTrek also offers marketing and promotional services to businesses that cater to Muslim travellers. By partnering with HalalTrek, businesses can reach a wider audience of Muslim travellers and showcase their halal-friendly offerings.

Overall, HalalTrek is a valuable platform for Muslim travellers who want to explore new destinations and cultures while adhering to their faith and values.