Travelling for Umrah/Hajj with children or elderly

When traveling for Umrah with children or elderly individuals, there are several important factors to consider to ensure their safety and comfort during the journey. Some of the key considerations include:

  1. Health: Before embarking on the journey, it’s essential to ensure that everyone is in good health and has received any necessary vaccinations or medications. It’s also important to consider any pre-existing medical conditions and ensure that any necessary medication or medical equipment is packed.
  2. Accommodation: When booking accommodation, it’s important to consider the needs of children and elderly individuals. For example, selecting a hotel that is close to the Haram, provides wheelchair accessibility or has a children’s play area can make the stay more comfortable.
  3. Transportation: When planning transportation, consider the needs of children and elderly individuals. For example, selecting a transportation option with comfortable seating and a restroom can make the journey more comfortable.
  4. Clothing: Ensure that everyone has appropriate clothing for the journey, including comfortable shoes, loose-fitting clothing, and appropriate hijab for women.
  5. Food: Consider any dietary requirements of children and elderly individuals when planning meals and snacks during the journey.
  6. Rest: Ensure that there is adequate time for rest and relaxation during the journey, especially for elderly individuals who may require more rest.
  7. Communication: Ensure that everyone has a means of communication, such as a mobile phone or walkie-talkie, in case of separation or emergency.
  8. Safety: Take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of children and elderly individuals during the journey, such as holding hands in crowded areas or securing luggage to prevent theft.

Overall, traveling for Umrah with children or elderly individuals requires careful planning and consideration of their specific needs to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.


Flights are an important part of traveling for Umrah, and there are several considerations to keep in mind when traveling with children or elderly individuals:

  1. Flight duration: Consider the length of the flight and the comfort level of the airline’s seats. If the flight is long, it may be worth investing in seats with extra legroom or upgrading to business class.
  2. Flight time: Choose a flight time that is convenient for the children and elderly individuals. If possible, try to avoid flights that require overnight travel, as this can disrupt sleep patterns and cause fatigue.
  3. Meal options: Ensure that the airline provides appropriate meal options for everyone’s dietary requirements.
  4. Medication and medical equipment: Ensure that any necessary medication or medical equipment is packed in carry-on luggage, along with prescriptions and any necessary medical documents.
  5. Entertainment: Consider packing activities, such as books, games, and movies, to keep children entertained during the flight.
  6. Comfort: Dress everyone in comfortable clothing for the flight, with layers to account for changes in temperature. Consider bringing a neck pillow, blanket, or eye mask to help everyone sleep on the flight.
  7. Restroom access: If traveling with elderly individuals or children who require frequent restroom access, consider choosing seats close to the restroom or booking an aisle seat for easy access.
  8. Airport assistance: Many airlines and airports offer assistance to passengers with special needs, such as wheelchair assistance or priority boarding. Consider requesting assistance when booking the flight to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Overall, when traveling for Umrah with children or elderly individuals, it’s important to choose a flight that is convenient and comfortable for everyone involved. Consider the specific needs of each individual when making travel arrangements and pack accordingly to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.