Surah Al Hajj and why you should do Hajj

Surah Al-Hajj is the 22nd chapter of the Quran, which emphasizes the importance of performing the Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. The surah highlights the significance of Hajj as a means of spiritual purification and a way to demonstrate one’s submission to Allah.


The surah also describes the history of the Kaaba and how Prophet Abraham and his son, Prophet Ishmael, built it as a place of worship for Allah. It also encourages believers to perform good deeds and to avoid sins, as Allah is all-knowing and will ultimately judge them.


Overall, Surah Al-Hajj serves as a reminder to Muslims of the importance of performing Hajj and following the teachings of Islam in order to attain salvation and Allah’s mercy.


According to Islamic belief, performing Hajj can bring about numerous spiritual gains and rewards for the pilgrims. Here are some of them:


Forgiveness of Sins: It is believed that performing Hajj with sincerity and devotion can result in the forgiveness of one’s sins, as Allah is known to be the Most Merciful and Forgiving.


Spiritual Cleansing: Hajj is considered a means of spiritual cleansing and purification, as it involves physical and mental exertion, patience, and humility.


Unity and Brotherhood: Hajj is a unique opportunity for Muslims from all over the world to come together in a spirit of unity and brotherhood, as they perform the same rituals and stand shoulder to shoulder in prayer.


Nearness to Allah: Hajj is believed to be a way to get closer to Allah and to experience His presence, as it involves intense worship, remembrance, and supplication.

Increase in Reward: It is believed that every good deed performed during Hajj is multiplied many times over, and that the reward for Hajj is incomparable to any other act of worship.

Overall, the spiritual gains and rewards of Hajj are considered to be immense and invaluable, as they can have a transformative effect on the pilgrim’s life and faith.